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Издательство «Политехника» представляет фундаментальное издание

«Традиционная китайская медицина. Искусство иглоукалывания и прижигания»

в трех томах (общим объемом 213,5 усл.-печ. листов).

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По многочисленным запросам наших читателей в издательстве "Политехника" выходит 4-е издание книги "ЗАСЛОН НА РЕКЕ ТОСНЕ".

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В Экспофоруме начала работу выставка Дефектоскопия / NDT St. Petersburg

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Приглашаем всех 17 мая в 18.00 на презентацию книг Кияткиной Инны Германовны на XIII Санкт-Петербургском книжном салоне в Михайловском манеже

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Уважаемые посетители, ждем Вас на выставке!
С 17 по 20 мая 2018г. в Михайловском манеже Санкт-Петербурга пройдет XIII Международный Книжный Салон.

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Do you speak English? Вы изучаете, интересуетесь английским? Приходите 20 апреля в 19 ч. на  Владимирский  пр.,  д. 23  в   магазин-книжный клуб "Буквоед", конференц-зал на 3 этаже. 

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Rules for sending, reviewing and publishing articles

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The founder and the publisher of the scientific journal “Metallobrabotka” (ISSN 1684-6702) is the “Politekhnika” publishing house (St.-Petersburg), former Leningrad branch of the “Mashinostroenie” publisher, specialized in scientific and technical literature.

The expected audience of the scientific journal is the scientists, PhD and students, leading specialists of R&D and development companies which work in the field metalworking and engineering.

The journal is included in the Higher Attestation Commission in the “List of the leading reviewed scientific journals and publications in which basic scientific results of PhD and doctoral dissertations must be published”.

The journal is included in the Russian Index of Scientific Quoting (RINTz) and regularly upload e-version of issues in The Scientific Electronic Library (http://elibrary.ru/title_profile.asp?id=8846). Also the journal has agreements with others electronic library system, such as IVIS.

The journal publishes materials on the results of researches and describes the morden methods of treatment of metal and composite materials at different stages of the creation of engineering products.

We publish materials on metal, alloys and coatings, methods of their application. The results of the application of mechanical, abrasive, diamond, galvanic, electric contact, electro, ultrasound, plasma, laser, thermal, stamping, plastic, combined technologies, as well as computer modeling and automation of processes. Materials describe properties, modeling, application and evaluation of tools and equipment, as well as instruments and equipment, methods to reduce friction and lubricants. Attention is given to strengthening and recovery of parts, repair and modernization of the metalcutting equipment. We prepared thematic sections and numbers in agreement with the scientific institutions and enterprises, information on exhibitions and seminars, scientific and technical literature.

The journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications and Mass Communications of the ПИ № 77-3106 of 10th April 2000. It is the bimonthly refereed edition. Circulation is 1500 copies. Volume is around 56-68 pages.

We would like to invite specialists in Metalworking for cooperation

Editorial accept articles for publication by e-mail, letter or personal visit. In  selection of articles Editorial Board gives preference to research which are closest to the interests of production. Scientific articles approved by the Editorial Board printed free of charge. Details of publication ethics can be found in the relevant section in this website.