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Выпущена книга:
Гуткин Ю. М./ Гидротехнические сооружения верфей: Некоторые вопросы проектирования
СПб.: Политехника, 2018. - 430 с. Научное издание. ISBN 978-5-7325-1128-4
Цена: 900 Руб.

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Безопасность жизнедеятельности человека в электромагнитных полях | С.М.Аполлонский, Т.В.Каляда, Б.Е.СиндаловскийБиотехносфера №1/2013

Biotekhnosfera №1/2013

Biotekhnosfera №1/2013

Цена: 550 Руб.

Biotechnical System

Danichenko M. Y., Melnik О. V., Mikheev A. A., Solomakha V. N., Shuvalov P. L. Estimation of synchronization in functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body


Parallel processing of rhythmocardiogram and pneumatogram provides information about the synchronizing degree of cardiovascular and respiratory systems and more significantly, compared to the analysis of only the parameters of heart rate, identify the dominant mechanism of physiological processes regulation. A study of various methods of forming cross-correlation criteria in temporal and spectral domains was conducted; the sources of modeling errors was analyzed and recommendations for the optimal choice of the methodology of rhythmocardiogram and pneumatogram synchronization control for the «home diagnostics» class of diagnostic system was proposed.


Keywords: adaptive capacity, Fechner coefficient, cardiointervalogram, correlation coefficient, correlation relation, methodical error, pneumatogram, synchronization, functional status.


Smirnova L. M., Khlyzova I. V. A system and method of assessment of compensatory reactions which arise when there is disbalance of load bearing in biotechnical system


A system and method of assessment of compensatory reactions which arise when there is disbalance of load bearing with patients with structure and functional disorders of support motor apparatus. The results of its application when examination of patients with lower limbs prosthesis. The results of factor analysis of examination disbalance are discussed.


Keywords: load bearing disbalance, compensatory reaction, support-locomotion system, support-motor apparatus, lower limb prosthetics.


Vasilevsky A. M., Konoplev G. A., Stepanova О. S., Vishnevsky К. A., Zemchenkov A. Yu., Komashnya A. V., Frorip A. Bispectral optoelectronic system for hemodialysis monitoring


Basic approaches to on-line monitoring of hemodialysis are considered. A novel bispectral method and a system for monitoring of uric acid concentration in effluent dialyzate in the outlet of a dialysis machine are described. The system consists of the optoelectronic bispectral sensor based on ultraviolet light emitting diodes and special software. The results of the clinical trials of the system and future perspectives of its applications in medicine and related fields are analyzed.


Keywords: hemodialysis, monitoring, ultraviolet spectrophotometry, chronic renal failure.



Bionanotechnology and Nanobiomaterials

Korolev D. V., Uskov I. S., Sonin D. L., Grigirova Yu. N., Galagudza M. M., Postnov V. N., Naumisheva E. В. Acute toxicity, biodistribution and bioelimination of organo-silica nanoparticles


The study was aimed at investigation of acute toxicity, biodistribution, and bioelimination of organosilica nanoparticles. We were interested to explore the potential of this type of nanocarrier for delivering drugs specifically into the area affected by the disease. For that purpose, the nanoparticles of 3D-linked organosilica with the average diameter of 3.8 nm were synthesized. Intravenous administration of nanoparticles was not associated with acute toxicity. It was shown that organosilica nanoparticles were rapidly eliminated from the organism via the filtration through glomerular filter.


Keywords: biodistribution, bioelimination, nanoparticles, organosilica, synthesis, toxicity.



The Safety of Technosphere

Bekirova L. R. Study of effect of atmospheric aerosol on radiometric accuracy of image forming multispectral systems


The classification of RGB vegetation indices is suggested. The aerosol accuracy of three RGB vegetation indices is analyzed and approximate identity of the level of effect of aerosol on value of these indices is found.


Keywords: aerosol, vegetation indices, multispectral system, accuracy, image fusion.

Mosin О. V., Ignatov I. Composition and structural properties of fulleren analogious Mineral shungite


In present paper the properties of amorphous, uncrystallized, fulleren analogious carbon containing natural mineral - shungite, from Zazhoginskoe deposit in Karelia, possessing high absorptional, catalitic and bactericidal activity are submitted. There are given data about nanostructure, obtained with the using of scanning electronic microscopy, and physicochemical properties of this mineral. Prospects of using shungite as a sorbent in water-preparation and water purification and other industries are demonstrated.


Keywords: water purification, mineral, nanostructure, sorbent, filter, fullerens, shungate.

Transplantation and Artificial Organs

Kulikov N. I., Zhdanov A. V. Specific characteristics of electric drive of blood pump for assist device of subsidiary blood circulation system with pulsatile flow


The main unit of assist device of subsidiary blood circulation is left ventricular of heart with electric drive. On this deal the choice of type of electric motor, its design and optimal control algorithm for pulsatile blood flow are very difficult tasks.

The constructive design of left ventricular assist device with electric motor is considered on the article. The estimation of parameters of such electric motor for pulsatile blood flow is given.


Keywords: subsidiary blood circulation, left ventrical assist device, pulsatile blood flow, electric drive.

mHealth Systems

Pustozerov E. A., Yuldashev Z. M. Mobile health informational support system for a diabetes patient


The paper considers questions on the development of mobile health informational support systems for patients with diabetes. Requirements to the system, infoware, hardware and software of the mobile health informational support system for diabetes patients are presented. Practical implementation and approbation of system components are offered in current study.


Keywords: information support, monitoring, diabetes, smartphone, telemedicine, Health 2.0, Mobile Health.

Biomedical Informatics

Antonenko A. V., Loktyukhin V. N., Mikheev A. A. Formation rhythmocardiograms based fuzzy rules ECG analysis


An approach to the formation of rhythmocardiograms based on the mathematical apparatus of fuzzy sets and fuzzy inference theory. The sequence of steps for constructing fuzzy inference systems is described, it include the task of linguistic variables and their linguistic expression, the definition of membership functions, the description of the rule base of fuzzy outputs.


Keywords: rhythmocardiograms, linguistic variable, fuzzy inference, electrocardiograms.


Artemov S. I., Diuk V. A., Popova E. A., Senkevich Y. I. Detection of EEG patterns respons on short subliminal visual stimuli


The special methods for analysis of the electroencephalogram are developed. They allow you to detect the subliminal perception of the visual images on the human. The result based on the processing and analysis of electroencephalograms


Keywords: brain-computer interface, processing and analysis of the electroencephalogram, subliminal perception.

Medical and Technical Management and Education

Tolmachev I. V., Ripp E. G., Tropin S. V., Karpushki-na E. V., Tsverova A. S. «Anaphylactic shock» the development and realization of clinical scenarios in an artificial environment

Simulation training is a learning process in which the learner performs actions in an environment simulating real, using specific simulators, simulators, phantoms, dummies and robots consciously. Simulators are controlled by computer software and experts in the classroom or in the next room. Such training can imitate a variety of clinical conditions due to the physiological parameters that can be simulated ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, pulmonary arterial pressure, intracranial pressure, body temperature.

Designed scenario «anaphylactic shock» include sections: the main problem, study habits, a brief description, dummy preparation for simulation, training office for simulation, consumables, scenario description, description of the simulation, the information for the operator, the outcome training, commissioning scenario, the algorithm of correct actions of students, the main topic of debriefing.


Keywords: anaphylactic shock, clinical scenario, branching scenarios, simulation studying.