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Издательство «Политехника» представляет фундаментальное издание

«Традиционная китайская медицина. Искусство иглоукалывания и прижигания»

в трех томах (общим объемом 213,5 усл.-печ. листов).

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По многочисленным запросам наших читателей в издательстве "Политехника" выходит 4-е издание книги "ЗАСЛОН НА РЕКЕ ТОСНЕ".

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В Экспофоруме начала работу выставка Дефектоскопия / NDT St. Petersburg

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Приглашаем всех 17 мая в 18.00 на презентацию книг Кияткиной Инны Германовны на XIII Санкт-Петербургском книжном салоне в Михайловском манеже

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Уважаемые посетители, ждем Вас на выставке!
С 17 по 20 мая 2018г. в Михайловском манеже Санкт-Петербурга пройдет XIII Международный Книжный Салон.

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Do you speak English? Вы изучаете, интересуетесь английским? Приходите 20 апреля в 19 ч. на  Владимирский  пр.,  д. 23  в   магазин-книжный клуб "Буквоед", конференц-зал на 3 этаже. 

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Biotekhnosfera №3/2013

Biotekhnosfera №3/2013

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Biotechnical System

Bazajev N. A., Grinvald W. M., Poutrya В. М., Selishchew S. W. Modern methods of dialysate regeneration

Hemodialysis is the most widespread clinical method of renal replacement therapy. Hemodialysis with dialysate regeneration is a one of the alternative methods of blood purification. Dialysate regeneration provides new opportunities for modern clinical blood purification, improves biocompatibility of procedure and reduces amount of used dialysate in 20-30 times. An analysis of modern methods of dialysate regeneration and a scheme of a wearable device "artificial kidney" are presented.

Keywords: dialysis, dialyzate, renal replacement therapy, regeneration.

Ergonomics (Man-Machine Systems)

Nazarenko N. A., Osetrov A. V., Paderno P. I. The automated system of assessment of environmental conditions in the workplace

An approach to the construction of an automated system of evaluation of working conditions in the workplace is presented. The features of translation quality assessment in numeric are analysed. Two main modules (module configuration and evaluation module) and they implement tasks are considered.

Keywords: decision support, performance, environmental conditions in the workplace.

Nazarenko N. A., Nasser S. S., Osetrov A. V., Paderno P. I. Comprehensive assessment the environmental conditions in the workplace

An approach to the implementation of the quantitative assessment of the environmental conditions in the workplace. The first step of the procedure is translating some specific indicators of environmental parameters on the WP in quantitative and in the second stage, the numerical values of the individual indicators are complexed to a single criterion.

Keywords: estimation of parameters of environmental conditions, decision support, performance, workplace.

Optoelectronics in Medicine

Voronin A. A., Gerasimov W. A., Kostrin D. K., Smirnov P. E., Turubarov A. W., Oukhov A. A. Modernization of and the hardware of the identification device and a measurement technique for the identification of the breed of wood

Increase of identification reliability of the breed of wood by means of modernization of a measurement technique and the hardware of the identification device is considered. The universal design of the spectrums registration module, with good metrological characteristics of the device at smaller size, and suitable for optical and Raman spectrometers is offered. Use of the Raman spectroscopy methods for increase of identification reliability of breeds of wood is offered.

Keywords: the Raman spectroscopy, spectrophotometer.

Kostrin D. K., Oukhov A. A. Hardware-software spectro-metric complex for research of the parameters of light-emitting diodes

Questions of improving metrological characteristics of a spectrometer complex intended for the analysis of parameters of light-emitting diodes are considered. Need for spectrometer photo sensor thermostatting is justified and implementation of it is shown. Origins and possibilities of elimination of interference in the charge-coupled photo sensor are considered. Influence of program filtering of received spectrums on reproducibility of colorimetric parameters computation results of light emission diodes is shown.

Keywords: colorimetric measurements, light-emitting diode, spectrometer, photo sensor.

Technosphere safety (Environmental Engineering)

Grunskaya L. V., Leshchev I. A., Isakevich V. V., Shirobokov A. V., Sushkova L. T. Interconnection of motor transport accidents in Vladimir Region with geophysical and heliophysical characteristic

Investigation of influence of heliophysical and geophysical factors on public health is being done by Vladimir State University together Vladimir medical inspection department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Statistical data of the motor transport accidents in Vladimir region for the period from 2001 to 2006 and the base of experimental data of electric intensity, geomagnetic field, Wolf number are being used. Preliminary analysis of the received results she non-incidental nature of the exposed correlative connections between the motor transport accidents and geophysical field.

Keywords: road transport accident, monitoring of electrical and geomagnetic fields, distribution of the correlation coefficient, Wolf number.

Biomedical Engineering bases

Mastikhina A. L., Semenova E. A., Sumelidi Yu. O., Beletskiy S. L., Gurjeva К. В. Study of VOCmeterV multisen-sory system using for quality control samples of buckwheat in terms of "freshness"

For quality control samples of buckwheat in terms of "freshness", as well as the correlation between the results of sensory analysis and multisensory study was conducted. It is established that the use of instrumental methods research of aroma, allow to determine the freshness of the studied material, eliminating the human factor. The advantages of the use of instruments such as "electronic nose" is to improve the efficiency of input control, increasing the objectivity of evaluating and reducing the cost of supply of resources for the examination.

Keywords: aroma, buckwheat, quality, quality factor, criterion of quality control, objective method, freshness, electronic nose.

Medical and Technical Management and Education

Matjushkin L. В., Permyakov Y. W. 3D printing for nanotechnology professionally oriented training

This is a review of Russian and foreign literature on the three-dimensional printing. Article describes the current methods of three-dimensional printing, and emphasis is placed to extrusion technology, as the most popular. The physical and chemical characteristics of extrusion materials are tabulated. Here we describe the process of modernization of 3D-printer Prusa Mendel and examples of its use for the purposes of materials science lab. Atomic force microscopy was used to show the morphology of the ABS-plastic when exposed to acetone.

Keywords: material science lab, prototyping, 3D printer.

Pakharkov G. N., Yuldashev Z. M. On professional standards for specialists engaged in the production, operation and maintenance of medical devices

Briefly discusses some questions of expediency of development of professional standards for specialists engaged in the sphere of medical products circulation.

Keywords: medical industry, medical products, professional standard, medical-technical specialist, development strategy.