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Издательство «Политехника» представляет фундаментальное издание

«Традиционная китайская медицина. Искусство иглоукалывания и прижигания»

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Биотехносфера №1/2017Теплоэнергоэффективные технологии №3/2011

Metalloobrabotka № 1 (79)/2014

Metalloobrabotka № 1 (79)/2014

Цена: 350 Руб.

Processing Of Materials By Cutting


Androsov S. P. The model of modular wormcutters

The problems of modeling worm module milling cutter for machining gears in spatial reflection are considered. The urgency of development of analytical 3D model of worm mills. Defined parametric vector equation of the main worm, spiral chip flutes and cutting edges and zacelovannyj surfaces of teeth of the cutter. Designed computer program to calculate and build 3D models of worm mills using object-oriented language Action Script 3. Example of computation and construction of 3D model of worm milling cutter are given.

Keywords: hob cutter, screw the tooth surface, modeling, vector equation.


Electrophysical And Electrochemical Processing Methods

Somonov V. V., Cybulsky I. A. The efficiency of the use of fiber lasers for laser hardening products in the industry.

The article describes the results of research of process of laser hardening of CO2 and fiber lasers. It shows examples of the structure of the hardened layer formed during the laser hardening fiber and CO2-lasers. A comparative analysis of the quality of the hardened layer obtained by processing the CO2 and fiber lasers is made on the sample of medium-carbon alloyed steels.

Keywords: efficiency, fiber laser, CO2-laser, the structure of the hardened layer, production rate.


Vasilkov S. D., Scherbak A. G., Yulmetova O. S., Belyaev S. N. Mathematical modeling of the node's orientation during the magnetron sputtering of thin-film coating on a spherical surface

The results of work on the creation of technological equipment for the deposition of functional coatings on spherical surfaces of precision parts, including design features multipoint setting device magnetron sputtering, are presented. A mathematical model and method of calculation of the positioning and orientation of deposited items are described.

Key words: magnetron sputtering, titanium nitride, gyroscope.


Fomichev A. M., Yulmetova O. S., Scherbak A. G., Novikov V. I. Using plasma and beam technologies for processing nodes of gyro

The article discusses advantages of the integrated application of plasma and beam technologies - cathode sputtering coating of titanium nitride and laser marking of the drawing on the surface of the rotor, that is the main constructive element of the optoelectronic read-out system in the electrostatic gyro. The main advantage of the presented technology is the possibility of selecting drawing depth not exceeding the coating thickness. This mechanism allows to create the repairable technology, that provides the opportunity to remove coating, containing drawing, without any damage to the surface of the rotor.

Key words: laser marking, spherical rotor, electrostatic gyroscope.


Ganzulenko O. Y., Larionova E. V., Petkova A. P. Laser marking technology for serial products made from metallic and polymeric materials with a view to their poli­cies and identification

Article is devoted to the development of technological regulations graphical form (color) information and nanoscale contrast barcode images on the surface of products during their laser treatment. The technology of applying barcodes on the surface of metals and polymers, as well, as methods for obtaining color logos on the metal surface is adduced. The article presents the variable parameters of the marking laser system. The developed technology is recommended for industrial use (mechani­cal engineering, automotive, aerospace, rail) and wide application serial marking of various materials to protect them from fraud and identification.

Key words: barcode, laser radiation, temperature-time mode, the oxide layer, the reading scanner.



Kondratyev S. Yu., Sokolov Yu. A.. Kopaev V. N. Research of fused granule's dynamics on surface of formed product during of electron beam synthesis of products

In present article granule's dynamics of titanic alloy ВТ-6 in liquid condition during the various moments of time during operation of layerwise synthesis of products by electronic beam is considered. Time dependences of liquid granule spreading by form and vector of speed are received.

Key words: mathematical modeling, electronic beam, liquid metal spreading, method of liquid capacity, viscosity, surface tension.



New Materials And Production


Dyatlova Ya. G., Kovelenov N. Yu.. Rumyantsev V. I., Ordanyan S. S. New cutting A12O3/ZrO2/Til (C, N)


The present paper studies the effect of the nanopowder additives on the micro-structure evolution and mechanical and physical performance of the ceramics in the system A12O3—ZrO2(Y2O3)-Ti (C, N), processed by hot pressing. It was noted that nanopowder additive is effective in inhibiting grain growth in A12O3 and retaining submicron grain size, whereby improving the strength values up to 820 MPa and hardness up to 21.4 GPa, while keeping the fracture toughness level up to 4.5 MPa • mS. The cutting performance of the newly developed ceramics was tested on cutting insert samples and compared to that of the reference commercial VOK-71 cutting inserts.

Key words: ceramic, nanosized component, hot pressing, physical, mechanical and cutting properties.


Quality control and measurement technology

Danilin G. A., Belogur V. P., Titov A. V., Remshev E. Yu., Metlyakov D. V., Ivanov V. N. The forecasting model relaxation resistance springs on the level of acoustic emission signals

The developed mathematical models allow at a stage of a technological zanevolivaniye on level of signals of acoustic issue to calculate a relaxation of springs during the set term of operation. Experimental results and mathematical modeling showed that springs from spring steel 60C2A with bigger intensity are inclined to a relaxation (R < 7 %), than from a titanic alloy of BT23 (R < 2,2 %) at cyclic tests. Mathematical models of forecasting of relaxation firmness of springs are a component of a technique of an assessment of quality and forecasting of relaxation firmness by a method of acoustic issue.

Key words: reliability, mathematical modeling, spring, acoustic issue, technique, quality tssessment.