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«Традиционная китайская медицина. Искусство иглоукалывания и прижигания»

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По многочисленным запросам наших читателей в издательстве "Политехника" выходит 4-е издание книги "ЗАСЛОН НА РЕКЕ ТОСНЕ".

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В Экспофоруме начала работу выставка Дефектоскопия / NDT St. Petersburg

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Приглашаем всех 17 мая в 18.00 на презентацию книг Кияткиной Инны Германовны на XIII Санкт-Петербургском книжном салоне в Михайловском манеже

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Уважаемые посетители, ждем Вас на выставке!
С 17 по 20 мая 2018г. в Михайловском манеже Санкт-Петербурга пройдет XIII Международный Книжный Салон.

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Do you speak English? Вы изучаете, интересуетесь английским? Приходите 20 апреля в 19 ч. на  Владимирский  пр.,  д. 23  в   магазин-книжный клуб "Буквоед", конференц-зал на 3 этаже. 

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Санитарно-технические системы многоквартирного дома. Устройство и эксплуатация. | Махитко И.П.Топическая диагностика заболеваний нервной системы. А. А. Скоромец, А. П. Скоромец, Т. А. Скоромец; под ред. А. В. Амелина, Е. Р. Баранцевича.

Metalloobrabotka № 1 (85)/2015

Metalloobrabotka № 1 (85)/2015

Цена: 700 Руб.

Processing Of  Materials By Cutting

Grekov I. N., Lyubomoudrov S. A. Measurement of the thermal elongation of a milling cutter during finish turning

The article describes a method of measuring elongation of a milling cutter in the process of turning and study the dependency of the thermal elongation of the cutter from the time of turning at different cutting conditions. Provide recommendations for the calculation of the thermal elongation of the cutting tool further compensation.

Keywords: thermal elongation, turning, precision machining, temperature error, finish turning.

Anukhin V. I., Anukhin I. V., Lyubomudrov S. A. Measuring the temperature in the cutting zone when turning with a thermal imaging method

This paper proposes a method for measuring the thermal temperature in the cutting zone when processing on a lathe. Applying thermal model BALTECH TR-01500 giving written thermogram cutter exit from the cutting zone at the moment of its release from the chip, and thereby find the temperature of the front face of the blade. Predetermined emission coefficients and cutter shavings, their values recorded in the memory of the thermal imager.The paper presents the derivation of the difference of mechanical characteristics of the treated material and material from the cutter heating temperature and determination of the optimal cutting temperature. There is a description of the method of temperature measurement thermal cutting and photo installation, as well as the release of the single-frame thermogram cutter from the cutting area and a plot of the temperature of the outer surface of the chip and the front face of the blade. The calculation of temperature measurement errors the front face of the blade.

Keywords: thermal imaging, temperature, thermogram, cutter, shaving, emissivity, lathe.

Novikov V. V. Analysis of the contact phenomenas at a metal cutting and a lubricating action MWFs

On example free cutting is conducted analysis of experimental data and are described regularities of the influence MWFs on value and on change the action corner of the cutting force. The new approach is offered for tensor description of the tense condition in the forming the shaving zone, allowing get the row of the analytical expressions, linking factors of the process — cutting force, width of the contact, factor of friction, corner of the shift in shaving, calculate maximum and minimum tense in shaving. Analytically calculated importance's of the factors of the process have a high degree to correlations with experimental result.

Keywords: free cutting, cutting forces, metalworking fluids, MWFs, shaving, mechanical tenses

Bundur Т. М., Vasilkov D. V., Kochina Т. В. Modelling of technological systems of machining taking into account a rheology of contact interactions

Model representation of system of links of a technological machine at dynamic loading taking into account a rheology in contact connection taking into account different types of technological influences, including cutting, friction, etc. is given.

Keywords: technological system, modeling, friction, machining, rheology, contact interaction.

Electrophysical And Electrochemical Processing Methods

Fomichev A. M., Yulmetova O. S., Shcherbak A. G.. Novikov V. I., Yulmetova R. F. An apparatus for ion-plasma processing precision spherical nodes giroinstruments

A device for precision shaping of spherical products, wherein the tool used streams of high-energy particles. Constructive features of the device for positioning and orientation of the workpiece on a given program. An example of a method of producing a cathode-ion bombardment of thin-film Therefore coatings on spherical nodes gyroscopic instruments to within a few hundredths of a micrometer.

Keywords: spherical rotor rotation unit, condensate-ion bombardment, the orientationtion, positioning.

Sokolov Yu. A., Pavlushin N. V. A processing unit for obtaining products with a programmable structure of the different chemical composition of the powder layering techniques of electron-beam deposition and fusion

This article discusses the technical implementation of the apparatus for producing products with a programmable structure of the different chemical composition of the powder layering techniques of electron-beam synthesis and deposition. The special features of this design solution is the presence of two cameras for the implementa­tion of technology of electron-beam deposition and synthesis products. Combination of these methods allows to obtain composite materials in the vacuum environment from various combinations of metal and ceramic layers.

Keywords: layer by layer synthesis, electron beam, sputtering, composite materials, technologies, management systems.

Moskvitin G. V., Birger E. M., Polyakov A. N., Polykova G. N. High Tech reinforcement application

This article is considered various strengthening coatings, is not widely recognized in the industry because of their use only for specific types of parts that allow to improve the operational stability of parts to restore the worn surface and, consequently, reduce the need for replacement parts. Great importance in the development of new technologies is the exchange of experience between different industries. Thus, many technologies, used in one form of industry have been successfully introduced into another.

Keywords: hardening and corrosion resistant coating, karbosilitsirovanie, magnetron sputtering, detona­tion surfacing and spraying, pulsed laser deposition, the ion beam, gas-dynamic spraying.

New Materials And Production

Mikhailov S. V., Kovelenov N. Y., Bolotskih S. V. Improvement tool for internal deburring of electrically welded pipes

The paper identifies the major factors that impact the performance of the tool during deburring operation during processing of electrically welded pipes. New round inserts for internal deburring applications are designed with improved blade strength and heat dissipation properties. Optimized hard metal composition is identified. Sharpening and wear-resistant coating deposition procedures for the round inserts for pipe deburring applications are optimized. The efficiency of the tool developed using the new technology is confirmed in running production environment. Application of the cutting inserts improves reliability and processing quality of the electrically welded pipes, and considerably reduces tool costs. The results of the R&D were used in development of the new line of higher-performance round cutting inserts.

Keywords: pipe production, deburring, tool design, round hardmetal cutting inserts.

Yurkevich V. V. Changing the dynamic parameters of the spindle when changing frequency of rotation

The paper presents the results of experimental measurements of the dynamic parameters of the spindle mounted on a stand. Temporary signals have been removed and the spectra of vibro, velocity, acceleration. Construction graph CPS and peak factor can determine that the best indica­tor is the vibration acceleration Crest factor.

Keywords: time signals, spectrum vibro, velocity, acceleration.

Voznesensky S. D., Soykin В. М. Without threaded demountable fixing connection

It is offered new without threaded demountable fixing connection which doesn't demand cutting of an external carving on the screw and a female thread in a nut

Keywords: fixing connection, carving, screw, nut.