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Приглашаем всех 17 мая в 18.00 на презентацию книг Кияткиной Инны Германовны на XIII Санкт-Петербургском книжном салоне в Михайловском манеже

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Уважаемые посетители, ждем Вас на выставке!
С 17 по 20 мая 2018г. в Михайловском манеже Санкт-Петербурга пройдет XIII Международный Книжный Салон.

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Выпущена книга:
Гуткин Ю. М./ Гидротехнические сооружения верфей: Некоторые вопросы проектирования
СПб.: Политехника, 2018. - 430 с. Научное издание. ISBN 978-5-7325-1128-4
Цена: 900 Руб.


Выпущена книга "История грунтоцементной плиты второй сцены Мариинского театра в Санкт-Петербурге"/ Алексей Архипов (д.т.н., ген.директор ООО "Геодиагностика").
Книга рассчитана на широкий круг читателей, инженеров и ученых, которых интересует современное состояние и скрытыте движущие силы, действующие в строительной отрасли России начала ХХI века. Цена 180р.

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Металлообработка № 5 за 2011 годБиотехносфера №2/2017

Metalloobrabotka № 2 (86)/2015

Metalloobrabotka № 2 (86)/2015

Цена: 700 Руб.

Processing Of  Materials By Cutting

Plotnikov A. L., Sergeev A. S., Zaitseva N. G. The features of formation height microroughnesses for turning stainless steels and development of mathematical models to calculate the value of the parameter defined by the roughness


Features of formation of height of microroughnesses from positions of the real scheme of cutting are considered, mathematical models of calculation of parametre of roughness Ra,

for use in SAPR ТP are offered.


Keywords: roughness, heat conductivity, stainless steels, contact processes, SAPR TP.



Vedernikov Yu. A., Khisamutdinov R. M., Malikov R. R. Modernization gear cutting machines for hobb cutting with installation of hydraulic servo system

The article describes a method for upgrading a universal gear hobbing machine. As a result of the modernization of gear hobbing machine, it is possible to improve the performance of manufacturing parts, such as shaper cutters. This concept of modernization of the machine allows to make quick changeovers by changing the copier. This saves all the settings for processing cylindrical and helical gears. It suffices

to establish the copier with a straight profile. The authors of this method have a patent for the invention of the Russian Federation 2508969, IPC B23F5/20.


Keywords: gear hobbing machine, modernization, shaper cutter.


Nikiforov I. P., Ivanov V. V., Barsuk I. V. Emergence and abrasion oxide layers on a grinded steel surfaces

It shows an impact of thermal tension in the grinding zone on the growth of oxide layers and a number of mikroburns. A method of the identification of oxide layers on the basis of analysis of GRB color image of the grinded surface is made. Well-known and new technological methods are clarified and offered to improve the wear resistance of friction pairs.


Keywords: grinding, thermal tension, burn, wear resistance.


Brzhozovskiy B. M., Zinina H. P., Martynov V. V., Pleshakova E. S. Estimation of the quality surface layer of working part cutting tool the parameter microhardness


Proposed a method evaluating the quality of the surface layer of product nondestructive way. The basis of the methodology composed of data microhardness, probabilistic analysis that will inform the scheme of their statistical processing and graphical display of the results in the form of distribution the mean values of microhardness depth of the surface layer. The results of performance testing methods, as well as its implementation on the example of cutting tools for different purposes, which showed that the use of the methodology allows for targeted search terms that enhance the operational reliability of the instrument by the time parameter stability.


Keywords: cutting tool, surface layer, quality, assessment, microhardness, technique.



Electrophysical And Electrochemical Processing Methods


Moskvitin G. V., Birger E. M., Polyakov A. N., Polyakova G. N. Modern strengthening coatings critical parts of machines and tools

Provides an overview of the various technologies coating their properties after hardening. Showing corrosive, and other characteristics of tribological coatings. The review deals with electrolytic, nickel, nickel coating — phosphorus and nickel-boron, ceramic coatings, carbon-based, some nanocoating.

Keywords: modification of the surface layers, metal coatings, polymer coatings, superalloys, ceramic coatings, coating a carbon-based, electrolytic coating.


Sokolov Yu. A., Pavlushin N. V. The ion beam: new opportunities for the creation of multi-powder products

This article discusses a new approach to the production of composite products, based on the method of synthesis of layered ion beam. Development of technology for the synthesis of ionic, designing a fundamentally new technological equipment opens up new possibilities for the creation of composite products made of powder of different chemical composition, obtaining parts with pre-programmed structure and predictable properties. The design of specialized units for the implementation of the technology of ion synthesis of composite products offered original design solutions of the ion source (duaplazmatrona).


Keywords: layerwise synthesis, composite materials, ionic beam, optic block.


Yulmetova O. S., Fomichev A. M., Novikov V.I., Yulmetova R. F., Sherbak A.G. Development mathematical support tools of the formation of thin-film coatings on the rotors of spherical gyroscopes


The article contains the results of studies on the development of technology of formation of functional coatings by cathode-ion bombardment on a spherical surface precision products. Shows the initial conditions and the relevant parameters of construction process, the mathematical model and the method of calculating the orientation of parts, as well as data implementation.

Keywords: spherical rotor, spherical gyroscope, functional coatings, Arc-PVD (cathode-ion bombardment), positioning.


Orlov A. S., Poletaev V. A. Strengthening drills pulsed magnetic treatment

The way of hardening of cutting tools pulsed magnetic treatment examined. The basic technical characteristics of the installation for pulsed magnetic treatment presented. The results of the wear surface of the rear chamfer drill diameter 6 mm high-speed steel R6M5 at cutting steels 45, 40X, and 12X18H10T are shown. Experiments were carried out on the radial drilling machines 2A135 with automatic feed instrument and its of emulsion cooling “Emulsol FROM” (5% concentration) during strengthening drill the magnetic field intensity H = 500 kA / m with a different number of pulses and using ferromagnetic powder. The decrease of wear bevel rear surface of the drill after hardening pulsed magnetic treatment and without the use of c using ferromagnetic powder installed.

Keywords: pulsed magnetic treatment, coolant,, experimental setup, cutting tools, ferromagnetic powder, wear, facet.



Metal Forming


Komaishko S. G., Kulik G. N. Experience in the use of technology in metal forming machine-blank production of small enterprises


It presents various engineering technologies using knowledge of the theory of metal forming. It is shown that this helps, and sometimes makes it possible for the execution of which is difficult for many reasons.

Keywords: machine building, metallurgy, technology, metal forming, drawing, pipe reinforcement, stamp from refractory concrete, high pressure tee, drilling deep holes.

New Materials And Production

Valetov V. A. Rationing surface roughness appliances and machines


Normalization factors affecting the functional properties of the product, objectively necessary and useful. Rationing must be accompanied by technological support and control of the normalized values. The accuracy of regulation and control depends on the influence and importance of the rated factor on a particular functional property of the product or its component parts and details. In this article we are talking about normalization of surface roughness of devices and machinery and related problems.

Keywords: surface roughness, influencing factors, technological support, control, optimization of roughness.

Mokritsky B.Ya, Pustovalov D.A.. Kvasha V.Y. Comparative express health evaluation end mills carbide


The high price of carbide end mills is no evidence that the required accuracy of workpiece machining, and performance can only be obtained a cutter. These indicators can be achieved using composite milling cutters, in which the tail part made of structural material, the working part — of the carbide material between a portion oriented and connected. Variants of orientation and connections may be different, it affects the performance and the scope of a particular embodiment of the cutter.

Keywords: rational design choice composite carbide end mills, providing precision machining, forecasting performance properties of the instrument.



Goikhman A. Y., Lyatun I. I. , Saveliev S. K., Philin D. S., Silaev M. Y., Rubtsov D. A., Remshev E. Yu. Study the possibility of manufacturing the X-ray lens extruding


The results of operation for the production of lenses «CRL» extrusion method. By X-ray refractive lens high demands on the quality of shape and surface, we investigate the possibility of providing non-destructive testing methods stamped products.

Keywords: extrusion, quality control, x-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, X-ray tomography.