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Metalloobrabotka № 1 (73)/2013

Metalloobrabotka № 1 (73)/2013

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Metalloobrabotka № 1 (73)/2013

Processing Of Materials By Cutting

Andriuschenko A. I. Serebrenitsky P. P. Ejector boring of deep holes

Ejector boring technology was considered as a kind of deep holes boring schemes with supply of coolant-cutting fluid into the cutting zone. The work shows process scheme and peculiarities of cutting and auxiliary tools. The work cites examples of domestic and foreign structures of ejector tools.

Keywords: ejector, coolant, drilling head, coolant flow.



Electrophysical And Electrochemical Processing Methods

Orlova E. P., Povetkin V. V. Assessment of the influence of laser emission on anisotropy of plasticity for sheet materials

The present article presents a method of reducing a coefficient of anisotropy plasticity by laser radiation of metals and alloys which are the most widely used in sheet-metal forming. There was given an assessment for dependence of the ultimate plasticity and the coefficient of anisotropy plasticity from the exposure time of the laser radiation from the plane of the sheet.

Keywords: sheet stamping, anisotropy, plasticity, laser radiation.



Metal Forming

Ivanov K. M., Vinnik P. M. Influence of clamping accuracy on tool life in blanking process

Character of influence of tool clamping accuracy on tool life in blanking process is researched by FEM. It is shown that the angle of a punch's slope affects on tool life stronger than displacement of the punch's centre. The technique of estimation of influence of concrete distortions on tool life by results of finite element modeling is offered. The consent of the received results with the results received by other methods is shown.

Keywords: blanking, tool wear, tool life.


Panin S. Yu., Fomichev A. F. Computer control of responsible forgings

Data of computer check of possible destruction of metal when receiving responsible forging are provided.

Keywords: settlement complex Simufact Forming, responsible forging, limit deformations.


Tlibekov A. Kh. The simulation time processing of parts from sheet using fractional-power series and genetic algorithm

Discusses the results of the simulation time processing of parts from sheet, carried out on the basis of the combination genetic algorithm. Testing the method of modeling performed approximation of tabular data fractional-power series. The possibility of application of the method to the solution of tasks of regulation in the design of production.

Keywords: objective mathematical programming, genetic algorithm, multi-parameter optimization problems, mul-ticriteria optimization problems, multimodal objective functions, the fractional-power series, testing algorithm, approximation, controlled parameters, technological process.



Standardization And Certification

Abramchuk M. V., Timofeev B. P. The perspective of the toothed gears and gearings accuracy parameters standardization

The article describes the conditions of the following standards — GOST 1643-81 and ISO 1328 that should be included to the new Russian standard which normalizes the accuracy parameters of toothed gears and gearings. The elaboration of new standard is necessary to produce the internationally competitive products. Also article deals with some advantages and disadvantages of GOST 1643-81 and comparing the GOST 1643-81 with ISO standards (ISO 1328-1:1995, ISO 1328-2:1997).

Keywords: toothed gears, gearings, gear quality, standards, GOST 1643-81, ISO 1328.


Medunetskiy V. M., Solk S. V. Method of ensuring industrial products quality indicators

The work describes new understanding of "quality" term based on achieved efficiency and necessary resources for ensuring it. The work offers a method to ensure products quality indicators based on analysis of its life cycle. It is shown that one of the quality indicators of the new project is time spent for its realization. The offered approaches are considered on the examples of manufacturing of optical systems with metal optic elements.

Keywords: quality, item life cycle, metal-optical element, diamond microturning.



New Materials And Production

Ryabchikov M. Yu., Samarina I. G. Studying of strip heating dynamics in the lindering tower type furnace

The process of steel strip heating at continuous hot-dip galvanizing in the strand type furnace is investigated and optimized for the purpose of share drop of subquality products and energy saving. The model of strip heating at recrys-tallization annealing is developed and adapted with the use of the experimental data obtained on the operating unit.

Keywords: continuous hot-dip galvanizing plant, defect, annealing, heating, strand type furnace.


Uskov V. N., Danilin G. A., Vorobieva G. A., Titov A. V., Remshev E. Yu., Kukunya Y. S. The influence of aero-termo-acoustic treatment on the structure and properties of deformed titanic alloys

The following main deep boring operation design tasks were the main properties spring staly and titanic alloys are considered. The perspective direction of increase of strength properties of spring materials is allocated. On the basis of results of an assessment of relaxation firmness the interrelation of a microstructure and total AE is established. The method of increase of relaxation firmness — aerothermoa-coustic processing is offered.

Keywords: aero-termo-acoustic treatment, microstructure, titanic alloys, mechanical treatment, technological properties.