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Издательство "Политехника" награждено дипломом конкурса «Лучшие книги 2021 года»

Издательство "Политехника" награждено дипломом общероссийского профессионального конкурса АСКИ «Лучшие книги 2021 года» за книгу "ТОПИЧЕСКАЯ ДИАГНОСТИКА ЗАБОЛЕВАНИЙ НЕРВНОЙ СИСТЕМЫ. Руководство для
врачей" авторов Скоромец А. А., Скоромец А. П., Скоромец Т. А.

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Две книги издательства "Политехника" вошли в лонг-лист общероссийского профессионального конкурса АСКИ «Лучшие книги 2021 года»:

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Вышла вторая книга А. С. Иванова о конструировании машин – учебное пособие для вузов «Конструирование машин. Развитие основ. Прочность, жесткость, надежность».

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В издательстве готовятся новые тиражи популярных книг, выйдут из печати в декабре 2021 года.
С предоплатой можно заказать книги:
    "Постройка моделей судов. Энциклопедия судомоделизма"/ О.Курти
    "Трагедия Мясного Бора"/ И.А.Иванова
    "Топическая диагностика заболеваний нервной системы"/ А. А. Скоромец, А. П. Скоромец, Т. А. Скоромец

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Поступил из типографии тираж 2-го издания книги И.А. Ивановой "Погостье". Жаркая зима 1941/42 г.

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Biotekhnosfera № 4/2015

Biotekhnosfera № 4/2015

Цена: 550 Руб.

Processing And Analysis Biomedical Information

Motorina S. V., Kalinichenko A. N., Nemirko A. P. Selection of clustering method for the atrial fibrillation recognition algorithm

The algorithm for detection of atrial fibrillation based on graphical methods, which allows identification of the characteristics of different types of heart rhythm, and clustering methods used as a decision rule to recognize these types of rhythm were considered. The method of joined components detection providing the best values of sensitivity, specificity and total error was selected. The efficiency of the selected algorithm in combination with the clustering method was evaluated with the use of the same parameters.

Keywords: automatic ECG analysis, atrial fibrillation, phase portrait, vector, clustering methods, graph.

Manilo L. A., Sidorova M. A., Kondratov K. A., Fedorov A. V. Statistical analysis of real-time polymerase chain reaction data

The problem of statistical analysis of real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) data is considered. Guidelines are formulated for reasonable selection of statistical test for analysis of small scale experiment data, based on data properties and number of the measurements. Sample sizes required for paired comparison of microRNA expression levels in biological groups were calculated. The results of statistical analysis of expression data on the levels of bloodcirculating microRNAs are presented.

Keywords: real-time PCR, statistical analysis, small sample size.

Modeling Of Biological Processes

Smirnova L. M., Shepovalnikov A. N., Yuldashev Z. M. Biomechanical simulation of psycho-physiological state influence on dymano-baroplantografic parameters of walking

The simulation results of psycho-physiological state influence on biomechanical interaction characteristics of feet with a support are presented in the article. A soft hardware complex with matrix pressure meters in the form of an insole was used in order to obtain biomedical information. Bringing of subjects to different psycho-physiological states was achieved by hypnotic suggestion. Group and individual differences of biomechanical (dymanobaroplantografic) characteristics in normality, at mental fatigue, bodily fatigue and other states are considered. The main attention is paid to experimental influence research of these states on time and muscle-strengthening characteristics that reflect the interaction stereotype of feet with a support while walking.

Keywords: walking, biomechanical parameters, psycho-physiological state.

Pustozerov E. A., Yuldasev Z. M. Energy consumption estimating model and method for monitoring of metabolic balance

Mathematical model for metabolic balance estimation was developed in the study. Experimental investigation was carried out to exposure dependencies between parameters of physiological signals (such as heart rate, respiratory minute volume and others) and energy consumption, which are used by the model.

Keywords: metabolic balance, physical exercise, monitoring, energy consumption, heart rate, respiratory volume.

Evaluation And Monitoring Of Human Health

Nguyen T. T., Yuldasev Z. M. Portable system for preventing patient from atrial fibrillation

The structural scheme of portable system, the methodology of biomedical signal processing and preventing patient from atrial fibrillation, the algorithm of microprocessor system are proposed. The utilized technical solutions are aimed at increasing the reliability of atrial fibrillation


Keywords: atrial fibrillation, monitoring, prevention, portable system, meth-od, algorithm, prognostication reliability.

Solovev M.N., Yuldasev Z. M., Volkov N.Y., Illarionov V.V. Method and system for human body composition analysis

Improved physical and mathematical models of whole body composition analysis were proposed with segmental measurement’s correction. Method’s technical support is provided by modified hardware system.

Keywords: bioimpedance analysis, estimation of human body composition, whole body dual-frequency BIA.

Aksenov A. Yu. The effect of varying heel height rocker soles on lower limbs joint kinematics, kinetics and muscle function during walking

This article shows the gait analysis technique using the Qualisys motion capture system and force platforms with an electromyogram (EMG) measures of the lower limbs to investigate the effect of footwear constructions on walking pattern. The results demonstrate that the heel height rocker soles change joint kinematics, kinetics and muscle function during different stance phases of gait. Based on the results, this article suggests to use the motion analysis techniques in assessing gait pattern alteration in medicine, sport and rehabilitation.

Keywords: gait analysis, video analysis, kinematics, kinetics, electromyography, footwear profiles.

Doctor’s Information Support System

Vedenina A. S. Improvement of methods for computer plantography and podometry in the aspect of screening diagnosis of structural and functional disorders of the foot

Factors affecting the plantographic and podometric indicators of the structural state of the foot are considered. A method for evaluating the functional state of the foot using a computer plantopodography is provided. The types of biomedical information obtained instrumentally are substantiated and the scheme of its registration is built in the aspect of screening plantopodographic assess structural and functional state of the foot considering the factors influencing it.

Keywords: screening, plantography, podometry, biomechanical tests.

Semenova E. A. Expert system of emergency surgeon in the treatment of patients with severe liver damage

The article describes the expert system of emergency surgeon in the treatment of patients with severe liver damage. Expert system surgeon is an automated system providing information support to the decision-making by emergency surgeon in the treatment of patients with severe liver damage on the basis of parameters that determine the severity of the patient’s state, the extent and location of the liver damage, and also determining the anatomical landmarks to implement combined access in patients with damage of “hard-to-reach” liver segments. System consists of three subsystems: database, knowledge base, analysis of information. The introduction of such system will help emergency surgeons in making the right decisions for minimum time, which will lead to improving the quality of treatment inpatients with severe liver damage.

Keywords: expert system, database, knowledge base, algorithms, criteria, alternatives, experts.

Sadykova E.V., Tran Trong Huu. Hardware-software complex for diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

The problem of diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is considered. Experiments, which were carried out during, sleep in healthy and sick people, showed the dependence of having OSAS by heart rate variability (HRV). It offers hardware and software package, which allows based on «smart clothing» and a mobile application to diagnose OSA, and signal the dangerous situation - sleep apnea. In this situation, it is advisable to use flexible sensors attached to the fabric shirts for sleeping.

Keywords: obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, elastic sensor, ECG, smart clothing, breathing.

Experimental Study Of Body Systems

Sadykova E. V., Semenovskaya M. V. Expert system of the doctor for assessment of psycho-physiological condition of the operator

This paper presents the results of a study on the recognition of different psychophysiological state based portable wireless sensors registration of biological signals, and the creation of the expert system of decision-making doctor. Data were analyzed by methods of factor analysis and showed statistically significant differences for the simulated human psychophysiological state. Using the same parameters algorithms for constructing models of 4 psychophysiological states were established and entered in the knowledge base of an expert system, designed to effectively differentiate the status of the operator.

Keywords: evaluation of psychophysiological state, expert system, hypnosis, alcohol intoxication, emotional lift, physical fatigue, mental fatigue, electro-cardiography, pneumography, photoplethysmography.

Mashevskiy G. A., Yuldasev Z. M. The extension of the set of indicators for pathological abnormalities in the human organism monitoring system

The question of the possibility of expanding range of indicators used in the monitoring of the patient condition during his post-operative treatment due to the inclusion of bismuth electrode is considered. The research of information and diagnostic value of this indicator was carried out, which showed expediency its application.

Keywords: monitoring of the patient condition, multi-sensor systems, potentiometry, bismuth electrode, neural networks.

Anisimov A. A., Sergeev T. V. The algorithm for arterial blood pressure estimating by using the pulse transit time

The algorithm for estimating of arterial blood pressure by pulse wave propagation time was presented. This algorithm is designed for monitoring of arterial blood pressure beatto-beat changes. This enhances the diagnostic value of such monitoring comparing with existing oscillometric techniques. The results of algorithm tests with device for synchronous recording of ECG and pulse wave signals were considered. Collected experimental data have shown a high correlation of blood pressure values, measured with standard tonometer and calculated by the proposed algorithm.

Keywords: arterial blood pressure, pulse wave, pulse wave propagation time, R-wave detection, algorithm.