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Поступил из типографии тираж 2-го издания книги И.А. Ивановой "Погостье". Жаркая зима 1941/42 г.

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В год 75-летия Великой Победы издательством «Политехника» готовится к выходу в свет книга «Погостье. Жаркая зима 1941/42 гг.» − сборник воспоминаний ветеранов 54-й армии и жителей прифронтовой полосы.

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XV Санкт-Петербургский международный книжный салон

В связи с неблагополучной ситуацией по распространению новой коронавирусной инфекции (COVID-19) все офлайн книжные мероприятия, запланированные к проведению в 2020 году при поддержке Комитета по печати и взаимодействию со средствами массовой информации, отменены. 

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Более 70 предприятий из восьми стран примут участие в промышленной онлайн-выставке TeMEx

14 октября 2020 г. начнет работу промышленная онлайн-выставка TeMEx. Она объединит на одной площадке более семидесяти компаний из восьми стран мира, которые представят посетителям новинки широкого тематического спектра – от крупногабаритных машин и сырья для промышленности до научно-технических разработок, IT-решений и средств автоматизации производства.

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C 18 по 20 ноября 2020 года в конгрессно-выставочном центре «Экспофорум» пройдет «Петербургский международный форум здоровья» («ПМФЗ 2020»).

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 14 октября 2020 г. в 11.00 пройдет вебинар «Термическое оборудование и технологии для современного производства».

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Не плачь обо мне… | Иванова И.А.Biotekhnosfera № 1/2015

Biotekhnosfera № 1/2016

Biotekhnosfera № 1/2016

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Biotekhnosfera № 1/2016


Instrument Making, Metrology and Information Measuring Devices and Systems


Danilov V. N. About overcoming of fundamental and barrier restrictions in the theory of a potential noise immunity


Among the previously discussed in our works devoted to fundamental restrictions on reception and recognition of signals, practically the most strict restrictions are related to the detection of signals from heterogeneous objects. This paper proposes a way to solve this problem on the basis of a constructive approach and application of a new class of metrics based on the Banach space of functions. The basis of this approach are the use of mathematical envelope, and also repeated averaging on an interval between two next extreme points. The offered methods of constructive detecting lift the fundamental restrictions caused by shortcomings of Gilbert space (the suppression of weak signal and the difficulty of identification). The subject of overcoming of barrier restrictions on duration of a signal and the top boundary frequency demanding further applied development is noted.


Keywords: Banach space, regular and singular function, constructive analysis, mathematical envelope of the constructive spectrum, barrier restrictions.



Al-Haidri W. A., Isakov R. V., Sushkova L. T. Applicability artificial neural networks for the detection of distortions in ECG


The problem of control and improving the quality of electrocardiographic signal is very actual, because the analysis accuracy of patient’s ECG and further therapeutic effects depend on its solution. Therefore, it is necessary to develop methods and algorithms to assess the quality of the ECG signal and increase its diagnostic significance. In the literature there are many works devoted to this subject, where there are different approaches to solve it. An analysis of the literature shows that such problems can be solved by one of the promising methods using artificial neural network (ANN) technology.

This paper presents the results of a study of various options for the multilayer perceptron structure, as well as the efficiency of neural network based on the number of neurons in the hidden layer. This allows us to select and justify the structure of the neural network classifier to detect the distortion caused by interference and noise and, as a consequence, reduce the quality of the ECG signal. The results showed the possibility of effective use of the ANN (multilayer perceptron) to detect distortions pacemaker.


Keywords: ECG, artifact, artificial neural network, multilayer perceptron, number of neurons.



Zaitsev E. V. New methods of ECG-signal noise generation


Proposed methods for generation of wideband ECG noises as combination of colored noises with generalized normal distribution probability density function, baseline wandering with Perling noise and power line interference as sine signal with specified values of total harmonics distor­tion and relative amplitude of first and second harmonics.


Keywords: electrocardiography, generator, noise, spectrum, filtering.



Ilyasov L. V., Ivanova N. I. Measurement setup with differential generator photoionization detector for the determination of biomarkers in exhaled gas


The described measurement setup is designed to determine concentrations of biomarkers in the diagnosis respiratory process. The unit is based on the method of conversion of the analyzed medium by selective absorption of the analyte and a highly sensitive measurement of the concentration of the analyte using the new generator differential photoionization detector and indicator tubes for the absorption of the analyte. The possibility of using plants for the determination of ammonia in the range of 10–200 ppm, used in diagnosis respiratory gastrointestinal tract, and the concentration of hexane in the range of 0,5–1 ppm, used in the diagnosis of lung cancer.


Keywords: biomarker, respiratory diagnostics, photoionization detector, a contact potential difference measuring apparatus.



Murashkina T. I., Fadeeva E. A., Yurova O. V., Serebryakov D. I., Udalov A. Yu., Serebryakov K. D., Shachneva E. A. Metrological assurance of testing fiber-optical converters of angular micromovings


The measuring installation realizing a new way of reproduction of parameters of liquid streams for pilot studies of differential fiber and measuring converters of the angular micromovements which are Basic Elements of the fiber-optical sensors developed for measurement of parameters of liquid streams in medical life support systems is offered.


Keywords: life support system, parameters of liquid environments, fiber and optical converter, angular micromovement, installation for reproduction of angular micromovement, optical tester, fiber and optical kabel.



Nikolsky M. A., Gryaznov A. Y., Zhamova K. K. The use of microfocus X-ray to determine the safety of grape buds


Describes a method for determining the safety of grape buds using microfocus X-ray. The data of conformity radiographic X-ray image in the shadow of grape buds and extent of his defeat. The evaluation of the prospects of using the method in practical viticulture.


Keywords: microfocus X-ray, viticulture, grape eyes hidden defect diagnosis.



Clinical Medicine


Bochkov M. S., Kachalin A. S., Baranov V. N. Relevance of management of the heatforming processes in acupuncture points for automation of laser physiotherapeutic influence


Article is devoted to questions of optimization of procedures of laser physical therapy. On the basis of the conducted pilot studies on biological objects the technique of biological management of the heatforming processes in points of acupuncture of the person is offered for practical health care. Features of automation of the biotechnical complex developed by authors for impact on acupuncture points and algorithm of management are considered by it when carrying out therapeutic procedures.


Кeywords: low-energy lasers, acupuncture points, thermometry, biotechnical complex, physical therapy, automation, management.



Pedonova Z. N. Mathematical modeling of the magnetic field which was generated by the network of inductors


This article describes the magnetic field the network of inductors for local action. In the below-mentioned article there have been carried out mathematical modeling of the magnetic field which was generated by the network of inductors. An impact of magnetic fields of a complex shape could improve therapeutic efficiency of a treatment and enhance the process of healing. The below demonstrated figures of the magnetic field illustrate the necessity of such configuration which are generated by the network of inductors. The results of probation will be used to develop the device which influences the pathological focus, such as trophic ulcer.


Keywords: magnetic field, magnetoelectric system, mathematical modeling, complex of inductors.



Begun P. I. The model of transmit forces from the filaments to the tendons and hypertrophy of skeletal muscles


The analysis of current research muscle hypertrophy and the model of processes of force transfer from the myofilaments to the tendon is proposed. The model allows us to consider the sequence of the processes occurring in the muscle during concentric and eccentric contraction mode.


Keywords: hypertrophy, skeletal muscle, model, efforts, filaments, tendons.



Suslyaev V. G., Sobolev S. E., Smirnova L. M., Shcherbina K. K. Gypsum-free technology of the primary prosthetics as a means of improving the quality of rehabilitation after amputation of the lower limb


In article discussed problems of shortening time period for first training prosthetic help to patients after below – and above knee amputations. This issue have include method postoperative dressing and wearing of silicone Liner on the stump and gypsum-free manufacturing socket for training prosthesis for patients, and biomechanical method for investigation and correction stand phase on prosthetic leg.


Keywords: amputation of lower extremities, technology of prosthesis manufacturing and fitting, quality of rehabilitation.



Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials


Karasev V. A., Kalinin S. B. Computer program PREDICTO @ DESIGNER for prediction and design protein secondary structures: UPGRADE. I. Database of proteins pentafragments taking into account NiH…Oi–3, NiH…Oi–4, and other types of hydrogen bonds in the secondary structure of proteins


In order to improve the computer program PREDICTO @ DESIGNER for prediction and design of protein secondary structures, operating on the basis of the database (DB) of protein pentafragments (PF), a new version of the database, taking into account NiH…Oi–3, NiH…Oi–4, and other types of hydrogen bonds in the secondary structures of proteins is proposed. About 3,000 protein files from Protein Data Bank were converted into text files, which yielded 630,000 PF. The latter were sorted into 12300 files placed in 38 folders. The files were denoted by 10-digit numbers, encoding different types of hydrogen bonds.

The proposed database allowed us to predict the position of the secondary structures and different types of hydrogen bonds of the proteins used in the performed analysis with almost 100% accuracy.


Keywords: computer program, secondary protein structure, prediction, design, database of proteins pentafragments.



Gasnikov A. O., Ershov M. I., Kondrashov K. K., Luchinin V. V. Protection of microcontrollers from illegal access


The main types of software and hardware protection of microcontrollers from illegal access are described. The major topology integrated circuit architectures and electrical principal schemes of protected chips are presented. Its evolution during the process of integrated circuits evolution is also described.


Keywords: protection bit, polycrystalline silicon fuse, active shielding, blocking access to the I/O ROM interface, information security.