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Издательство "Политехника" награждено дипломом конкурса «Лучшие книги 2021 года»

Издательство "Политехника" награждено дипломом общероссийского профессионального конкурса АСКИ «Лучшие книги 2021 года» за книгу "ТОПИЧЕСКАЯ ДИАГНОСТИКА ЗАБОЛЕВАНИЙ НЕРВНОЙ СИСТЕМЫ. Руководство для
врачей" авторов Скоромец А. А., Скоромец А. П., Скоромец Т. А.

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Две книги издательства "Политехника" вошли в лонг-лист общероссийского профессионального конкурса АСКИ «Лучшие книги 2021 года»:

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Вышла вторая книга А. С. Иванова о конструировании машин – учебное пособие для вузов «Конструирование машин. Развитие основ. Прочность, жесткость, надежность».

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В издательстве готовятся новые тиражи популярных книг, выйдут из печати в декабре 2021 года.
С предоплатой можно заказать книги:
    "Постройка моделей судов. Энциклопедия судомоделизма"/ О.Курти
    "Трагедия Мясного Бора"/ И.А.Иванова
    "Топическая диагностика заболеваний нервной системы"/ А. А. Скоромец, А. П. Скоромец, Т. А. Скоромец

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Поступил из типографии тираж 2-го издания книги И.А. Ивановой "Погостье". Жаркая зима 1941/42 г.

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Metalloobrabotka № 4 (82)/2014Металлообработка № 5-6 за 2012 год

Biotekhnosfera № 5/2016

Biotekhnosfera № 5/2016

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Instrument Making, Metrology and Information Measuring Devices and Systems

Yuldashev Z. M., Pustozerov E. A., Anisimov A. A. Multilevel intelligent remote monitoring system for people with chronic diseases

Current paper presents and substantiates the structure of patient’s remote monitoring system, which includes levels of patient’s wearable device, patient’s mobile device, cloud server and physician’s means of data analysis. The set of indicators describing patient health status, which can be used the prognosis of patient’s acute state, was developed. The paper also includes the substantiation and the development of signal pickup and registration subsystem for patient’s health monitoring, summarized algorithm of the system working.

Keywords: remote monitoring, telemedicine, chronic diseases, multilevel system structure, intelligent algorithm of working, chronic diseases, exacerbation prognosis.

Sergunova K. A., Karpov I. N., Gromov A. I., Morozov A. K., Semenov D. S. Development of a quality assurance phantom and software module for comparative assessment of neoplastic processes in diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion-weighted imaging with background suppression

The article is devoted to a quality assurance (QA)procedure for classic diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) and diffusion-weighted whole body imaging with background body signal suppression (DWIBS) using special materials. The purpose of this article is to present the importance of controlling the values of apparent diffusion coefficient and signal intensity on DWIBS for the diagnosis of neoplastic entities. Considerable attention has been devoted to research and testing the materials that are capable of simulating a reference signal with a given intensity using DWI and DWIBS MRI technique. Experimental results were used to develop a DWI/DWIBS QA phantom and software for comparative assessment and differentiation of neoplastic processes.

Keywords: diffusion-weighted imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, quality assurance, neoplastic process, malignancy, benign, tumor.

Khachatryan K. S., Manilo L. A. The method of analysis pseudophase portrait in the problem of recognition of biomedical signals

The paper presents the development and research of methods of analysis of biosignals for medical computer systems that detect the phase portrait (FP) rimogramm differences from the normal rhythm of certain types of arrhythmias. Algorithms and software build pseudophase portraits, calculated the correlation dimension, the analysis of morphological characters for FP rhythmograms at a normal rhythm, frequent arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation. The article illustrates the values obtained for the correlation integral and correlation dimension depending on the dimension of investment, corresponding to the different types of heart rhythm.

Keywords: pseudo phase portrait, phase plane, rhythmograms analysis, correlation dimension.

Pedonova Z. N., Belavskaya S. V., Lisitsyna L. I., Poteryaeva E. L., Feofilov I. V. Study of distribution of physical fields in the prostate gland with transrectal effect on the example of the phantom

A team of medical electronics laboratory at the Novosibirsk State Technical University developed a probe for intracavitary action, providing spatial and temporal combining five influencing factors: ultrasound, thermal and laser radiation, electric and magnetic fields. To determine the possibility of physical therapy for the treatment of prostate using transrectal probe must be designed to investigate the distribution of physical fields in the prostate. The results of studies of the distribution of physical fields: ultrasonic, thermal, electrical, magnetic and laser radiation in the prostate gland with transrectal effect on the example of gelatin phantom and the phantom of animal origin. It has been shown that exposure to fields penetrate into the prostate gland to a depth sufficient to carry out physiotherapy.

Keywords: phantom, distribution of physical fields, ultrasound, heat, electric field, magnetic field, laser radiation.

Derkach M. M., Korlyakov A. V. Studying of relative humidity sensor based on surface acoustic waves

This paper focused on experimental studying of humidity sensor’s sensitive element. This element using physical sorption sensor principle and based on SAW resonator with selective organic film on surface. It has shown that film thickness reduction increases sensitivity for humidity and upgrades impedance matching with generator or antenna.

Keywords: humidity sensor, surface acoustic waves, film, resonator.

Clinical Medicine

Abdullaev N. T., Dyshin O. A., Ibragimova I. D. The efficiency of long-term correlations in the differential diagnosis of conditions of the cardiovascular system

Dynamics of changes in physiological processes that occur in the cardiovascular system of the human body is chaotic and is described by the theory of nonlinear deterministic systems. Estimation of the chaotic nature of some of the cardiovascular system gives an indication of the relatively high sensitivity of this approach. In the analysis of electrocardiographic signals analyzes their emissions both in the short-term and long-term recording. These estimates are as follows: 1) the set of fractal characteristics of extreme events in heart rate; 2) unconditional and conditional probability density function of repeat length intervals; 3) the conditional period of repeated intervals; 4) the autocorrelation function of repeated intervals. Obtained informative features can be used for differential diagnosis of the cardiovascular system.

Keywords: differential diagnosis, cardiovascular system, short-term and long-term dynamics, repeated intervals, informative

Manuilova O. O. The first experience of stereomammography for breast examination in Russia

The article identifies the possibilities of stereoscopic mammography based on the analysis of the stereoscopic images of the phantom breast (1050 images). The most informative exposure modes are chosen for optimal visualization of the ratio “lesions” phantom breast cancer and radiation exposure. It is proved that during the stereomammography (SM) the location of the abnormal layer of the phantom relative to the detector does not affect the value of the diagnostic image.

Keywords: stereoscopic mammography, breast phantom, radiation dose, the filter target.

Manuilova O. O., Prokhorov A. V. Diagnostic carabilities of stereomammography: experimental study

The article, based on an analysis conducted by the experimental comparison of full-digital mammography system (2D-mammography) and stereoscopic mammography (3D-mammography), using a high-resolution detector in manual mode, determined the dependence of radiation dose and imaging facilities. We determine the optimum ratio of target/filter for 2D- and 3D-mammography. It is proved that the method of three-dimensional stereomammography (3D-M) at the same dose as in the full-frame digital mammography (2D-M), significantly increases the recognition of the phantom detail.

Keywords: stereoscopic mammography, breast phantom, radiation dose, filter target.

Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

Korolev D. V., Babikova K. Yu., Postnov V. N., Naumysheva E. B., Papayan G. V., Pochkaeva E. I., Sonin D. L. Gas-phase synthesis of aminated silica nanoparticles for medical applications

In this study a reactor for gas-phase amination of silica nanoparticles (Aerosil) was designed with a single load of 5 gram or 100 cm3. Selected synthesis time is 1 hour and the optimum carrier gas flow rate is 1 liter/min, providing the necessary linear flow. The optimum setting of automatic temperature regulation of the furnace was chosen, so that the evaporation zone quickly reaches desired temperature and remains at 220 °C. To ensure the most favorable conditions for the synthesis the furnace temperature was set at 400 °C, the integral constant of the regulation law — 20. A method has been developed for labeling aminated silica nanoparticles (Aerosil) with fluorescent dye indocyanine green (ICG). The size of the silica nanoparticles with immobilized ICG was 36 nm. We used the obtained ICG labeled silica nanoparticles to study the effect of passive targeting of ischemic myocardium. Fluorescence of labeled nanoparticles in a zone of ischemiareperfusion injury of the rat heart was the evidence for passive targeting of injured myocardium.

Keywords: nanoparticles, aerosil, surface modification.