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Потапов А.С. Распознавание образов и машинное восприятие: общий подход на основе принципа минимальной длины описанияМещеряков С. В., Иванов В. М. Эффективные технологии создания информационных систем

Biotekhnosfera № 1/2017

Biotekhnosfera № 1/2017

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Instrument Making, Metrology and Information Measuring Devices and Systems


Sadykova E. V., Yuldashev Z. M. Remote health state monitoring and emergency medical aid system for the patients with chronic diseases


Development methodology of the system for emergency remote medical aid for the patient with chronic disease is considered. Development methodology includes: set of biomedical indexes of organism functioning for the diseases worsening prognostics; set of models for the describing of remote evaluation of the patient’s current health state, monitoring and control of the patient’s current health state, diagnostics of disease worsening, emergency remote medical aid to patient under the health worsening; set of methods of biomedical signal registration, data processing and biomedical information analysis, remote health state monitoring of the patient with chronic disease, emergency remote medical aid with the purpose of the patient’s health state normalization; set of the algorithms, decision rules and criteria for the patient’s health diagnostics and emergency remote medical aid.

Keywords: telemedicine, system, diagnostics, health state, remote monitoring, emergency medical aid, chronic diseases.

Van G. V., Podmasteryev K. V. Algorithm for detection QRS-complexes on the electrocardiographic signal


The algorithm for detection of QRS-complexes, based on support vector machines. This algorithm has high sensitivity and specificity, and also has a high speed that allows its use in software development cardioequipment used in intensive care and resuscitation, as well as devices Holter monitoring.

Keywords: electrocardiographic signal, QRS-complex, classification, support machine vector, informative features.

Abdullaev N. T., Dyshin O. A., Ismayilova K. Sh., Dadasheva D. A. Quantitative evaluation of the interaction of the oscillators ECG and EMG signals on the time series.


It is considered one of the most sensitive methods for evaluating communication between the two oscillators ECG and EMG signals, based on modeling phase dynamics and applicable in the case of sufficiently long time series (a few hundred specific periods) or low noise. The method can be generalized to the case of shorter time series and significant noise due to special amendments.

Keywords: electrophysiological signals, communications evaluation phase dynamics, time series.

Sosnin D. Yu., Onyanova L. S., Falkov B. F., Kubarev O. G. The development and application of an algorithm for intralaboratory quality control of identification of leukocytes by blood smear analyzers


The method for intralaboratory quality control of blood smear analyzers was developed and applied based on the following operating criteria: sensitivity, specificity and efficiency. A software algorithm is proposed for the automatic calculation of these criteria by Vision Hema®scanner analyzer. As a result of experimental tests the specific details of method application are discussed.

Key words: scanner analyzer, leukocyte count, Vision Hema, quality control of laboratory tests.

Prohortsov A. V. Experimental justification of apnoea finding capability by the use of an accelerometers and angular rate sensors signals


Experimentally demonstrated the possibility of determining a person’s respiratory parameters including respiratory arrest, the signals mikromehinicheskih accelerometers and angular velocity sensor

Keywords: respiration, apnea, accelerometer, angular velocity sensor, Butterworth filter.

Patsovskiy A. P. Research of foodstuff, regarding availability of dyes not of a natural origin


Alternative approach of identification and determination of the content in foodstuff of synthetic dyes by HPLC method allowing to carry out the high-quality and quantitative analysis of all synthetic dyes permitted for application as nutritional supplements is provided. Researches were conducted by means of Shimadzu LC-20 Prominence liquid chromatograph. Chromatography time doesn’t exceed 15 min that, in turn, allows to carry out control synthetic dyes in food in due time.

Keywords: synthetic food dyes, adulteration of dairy products, chromatographic separation.

Clinical Medicine

Bogdanova E. A., Zueva N. G., Pimenova E. V., Suvorov N. B. Metronomic breathing with Stange-Ghencea’s tests, its effect on heart rate


The results of instrumental studies and statistical analysis of the impact of the so-called square breathing on the rhythmic and statistical parameters of heart rate are described in the article. This breathing consists of four identical phase duration: inhale—breath holding—exhale—breath holding—inhale... Square breathing is an ancient practice, it is believed that physiologically the body goes into a low activity mode, deep relaxation of the entire nervous system. It is shown that the square breathing modulates heart rate variability and generates the phenomenon of cardiorespiratory synchronization. The results are comparable to the positive data of biofeedback cardiorespiratory training.

Keywords: square breathing, cardiorhythmogram, harmonic components.

Tychkov A. Yu., Ageikin A. V., Alimuradov A. K., Churakov P. P., Tychkovа A. N. Analysis and assessment signaling systems of diagnostics borderline mental disorders


The article describes the questions of modern non-invasive diagnosis of borderline mental disorders using data from the signaling systems of the human. The analysis of informative parameters of medical electrical and acoustic signals to determine the signaling biomarkers of borderline mental disorders.

Keywords: alarm systems, complex diagnostics, biomarkers, medical, electric and acoustic signals.

Yampilov S. S., Galsanov B. R., Voskresenskaya M. L., Potemkina T. F. Studying the effects of burns on biological objects with the help of electrical impedance spectrometry

In VSGUTU developed electrical impedance spectrometry apparatus that determines the frequency for a given electric current, the resistance of biological tissue. This unit allows you to assess the condition of organs and biological systems under different external effects (burn, anesthesia, frostbite, etc.). It differs from all existing devices that allows simultaneous impedance receive data at different frequencies of the probe current. The purpose of research - the study of external factors (anesthesia and burns) on a biological object by means of electrical impedance spectrometry apparatus. It studied the impact of external factors (anesthesia and burns) on a biological object (rat) using electrical impedance spectrometry apparatus. Data analysis anesthetized rats showed that increasing the frequency of the current and increasing the time of exposure to the biological object - impedance decreases. And under the influence of anesthetic and burn with increasing exposure time decreases the impedance. Cincreasing the frequency of the AC impedance initially increases up to 100 kHz, and then padaet.


Keywords: device, electric current, the resistance of biological tissue, the frequency of the probe current, electrical impedance spectrometry, generator, power supply.



Fedotova O. R., Pekin A. V., Radchenko P. V., Erofeev A. I., Nosov V. N. The influence factor of anxiety on nociceptive sensitivity at thermal heating

The developed method assessing pain sensitivity in small laboratory animals under the conditions of stimulated avoidance under thermal heating. Rats have made the fly-off, with a raised platform above the floor, overcome with fear, while values above individual pain threshold. Assessed typical patterns of animal behavior at different temperatures.


Keywords: pain threshold, thermoplatform, anxiety level, behavior.



Vasil’ev A. Yu., Potrakhov N. N., Blinov N. N., Alekseeva O. M. Modern analysis of the problem of x-ray studies in non-specialized terms


Currently, there is the problem of x-ray in nonspecialized conditions. It is necessary to solve an important clinical task is to conduct x-ray studies when somatic «heavy» conditions of elderly patients, which is difficult to translate from the chamber in the x-ray Department, or to send to a medical facility. In the available scientific literature there are some studies in non-specialized conditions, but to date generalized data on the results of these studies a little bit. Unfortunately, in our country, scientific research on shooting in non-specialized contexts. Despite the large variety of mobile and portable x-ray machines, are not formulated uniform requirements for this class of equipment, no x-ray studies conducted in the wards, intensive care rooms and at home. The authors analyzed the results of the radiographs performed in three multi-profile hospitals. The study was carried out 837 radiographs for 2016, the Survey was conducted in non-specialized terms (wards and intensive care units). After analysis x-rays were formulated, the notion of «nonterms». On the basis of clinical need and modern technology was defined medical requirements for x-ray equipment for shooting in such conditions.

Keywords: non-specialized terms, digital microfocus radiography.