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Вышла вторая книга А. С. Иванова о конструировании машин – учебное пособие для вузов «Конструирование машин. Развитие основ. Прочность, жесткость, надежность».

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В издательстве готовятся новые тиражи популярных книг, выйдут из печати в декабре 2021 года.
С предоплатой можно заказать книги:
    "Постройка моделей судов. Энциклопедия судомоделизма"/ О.Курти
    "Трагедия Мясного Бора"/ И.А.Иванова
    "Топическая диагностика заболеваний нервной системы"/ А. А. Скоромец, А. П. Скоромец, Т. А. Скоромец

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Поступил из типографии тираж 2-го издания книги И.А. Ивановой "Погостье". Жаркая зима 1941/42 г.

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В год 75-летия Великой Победы издательством «Политехника» готовится к выходу в свет книга «Погостье. Жаркая зима 1941/42 гг.» − сборник воспоминаний ветеранов 54-й армии и жителей прифронтовой полосы.

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XV Санкт-Петербургский международный книжный салон

В связи с неблагополучной ситуацией по распространению новой коронавирусной инфекции (COVID-19) все офлайн книжные мероприятия, запланированные к проведению в 2020 году при поддержке Комитета по печати и взаимодействию со средствами массовой информации, отменены. 

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Более 70 предприятий из восьми стран примут участие в промышленной онлайн-выставке TeMEx

14 октября 2020 г. начнет работу промышленная онлайн-выставка TeMEx. Она объединит на одной площадке более семидесяти компаний из восьми стран мира, которые представят посетителям новинки широкого тематического спектра – от крупногабаритных машин и сырья для промышленности до научно-технических разработок, IT-решений и средств автоматизации производства.

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Ерофеев А.А. Теория автоматического управленияТопическая диагностика заболеваний нервной системы. А. А. Скоромец, А. П. Скоромец, Т. А. Скоромец; под ред. А. В. Амелина, Е. Р. Баранцевича.

Biotekhnosfera № 1/2018

Biotekhnosfera № 1/2018

Цена: 700 Руб.

Grecheneva A. V., Dorofeev N. V., Kuzichkin O. R.

Modeling of the osteo-articular biomechanics of man on the basis of phase method of goniometric measurements

The work is devoted to the solution of the problem of modeling the joint biomechanics of the human musculoskeletal system on the basis of accelerometric goniometry. The basic kinematic model of the human skeleton is described, degrees of freedom of biokinematic links and features of their movements are determined. A functional diagram of the system of accelerometric goniometry is given. As experimental materials, the results of examination of a patient undergoing a recovery and rehabilitation course after a complex trauma of the shoulder and wrist joint of

the right hand are presented.

Andreev A. E., Cenevska S. L., Sergeev D. I., Kukavica N., Drobintseva A. O., Drobintsev P. D. Computer analysis of micrographs on the example of the detection of cell nuclei

The present work focuses on a review of methods for monitoring immunopositive cells from their nuclei using fluorescent imaging. The programs and algorithms for image analysis considered in this paper, with the help of confocal microscopy. In conclusion, we summarize the most suitable algorithms for detecting nuclei in microphotographs, and apply the most suitable programs for implementing these algorithms.

Zyatkov D. O., Glushkov G. S., Bogomolov E. N., Shashev D. V. Portable device for visualization of subcutaneous veins

This work is directed to development of the portable not ionizing device on detection of veins for an injection or blood sampling which wouldn’t concede to import devices, but would have the smallest cost. In article is considered methods of detection of peripheral veins. On the basis of these methods built two models their work is also shown. The model working in the Infrared range is of the greatest interest. In the course of testing and debugging of the software of the DCM 510 digital camera setting up various characteristics with imposing of program filters is made. As a result of the program setting, a high-contrast image of the venous channel with a good detail was obtained.

Volkov N. Yu., Illarionov V. V., Soloviev M. N., Yuldashev Z. M. Three-frequency bioimpedanceometry method for evaluating of human body extracellular and intracellular fluid volumes

Existing dual-frequency BIA methods have several significant shortcomings, related to the assumptions in their physical models. The use of the third frequency is suggested as necessary and sufficient condition for a correct estimation of the capacitive resistance of the human body segment. Hardware system for three-frequency BIA was developed and studies were conducted on the control groups of the subjects.

Smirnova L. M., Gaevskaya O. E., Belyanin O. L. Thepossibility of using tactile stimuli for the operation of robotized forearm prosthetic hand

The article substantiates the possibility and limitations of using exteroretseptiv tactile stimulus for the formation of biological feedback in the robotized prosthetic forearm. Stimulation variants formed in different ways were tested: movement of a single tactile element in the proximal-distal

direction of the limb; synchronous approach-separation of two contact elements along the axis of the limb.

Korenevskiy N. A., Khripina I. I., Serebrovsky V. V., Comlev I. A., Petrova Т. V. Microprocessor system for assessing the psycho-physiological parameters of a person

The paper considers the structure and mathematical support of a microprocessor system for psychophysiological studies intended for research in medicine and psychology for solving problems of forecasting and diagnosing early stages of socially significant diseases, improving the reliability of man-machine systems, professional selection, assessing the level of training of athletes and. At the decision of problems of forecasting and early diagnostics of a number of socially significant diseases, reliability of work of man-machine systems, professional selection, an estimation of a level of preparation of sportsmen, quantitative estimations of a functional condition and a functional reserve of the person are widely applied.

Filist S. A., Shutkin A. N., Shkatova E. S., Degtyarev S. V., Savinov D. Yu. Model for forming functional systems with management of adaptation potential management

For decision support systems for determining professional suitability for work in extreme conditions, a model is proposed for the formation of a functional system, to which the Manager has been introduced, which manages the formation of a functional system based on memory and personal experience. Integration of these qualities of the Manager is carried out through a hybrid neural network. The essence of the hybrid configuration of a neural network is that when it is configured, both the training sample formed in the database and the system memory, the knowledge base Manager. To assess the parameters of the model and to classify the candidate’s adaptive capabilities, a multiphase experiment is proposed, which makes it possible to obtain variational series on the basis of which the classifiers of the adaptive potential are built.

Kiryanova V. V., Kiyashko M. N., Spichkin G. L., Chistov E. K., Pshchelko N. S. Effect of aeroions generated by operation of hardware-biological complexes on the functions of various organs and systems of the human body

The effect of ionized air flows on the functional systems of the organism was investigated. The ionizer formed streams of aeroions of positive and negative polarity with a concentration corresponding to the sanitary norms “Hygienic requirements for the air ion composition of industrial air and public premises“. The study involved volunteers (42 persons), conditionally healthy people aged 17 to 61 years old. Volunteers were div ided into 5 groups. As a result of the studies it was revealed that positive air ions activate vagal influences on the heart rhythm, normalize the function of the thyroid gland, kidneys, stomach and gall bladder. Negative air ions cause an increase in sympathetic effects on the rhythm of the heart, normalize the functional activity of the lungs, cardiovascular system, kidneys. It is shown that the long-term effects of ionized air containing both positive and negative air ions were not stressful for various functional systems of the body. The effect of ionized air containing aeroions of both polarities leads to the normalization of the kinetics of the gallbladder, which indirectly indicates the stabilization of vegetative regulation at the subsegmental level. Changes in the body’s functional systems caused by short, within 20 minutes, effects of ionized air containing both positive and negative air ions are more pronounced and more effective than changes caused by prolonged exposure.

Kindeeva O. V., Sorokin A. E., Haustov A. I. Determination the physical parameters of culture medium in elements of the microfluidic biotechnical system

The object of the work was to develop the method for determining the shear stress on cell-based model of human organs in the microchannel of the microfluidic biotechnical system. The mathematical model of the viscous incompressible fluid flow in the arbitrary cross section microchannel was produced. The obtained values of the flow velocity field in the microchannel were compared with the experimental data. According to the measured data the mechanical forces

on the cell-based model within the microfluidic biothechnical system was determined. Shear stress on the cell-based model does not exceed the limits of physiological values.