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Издательство "Политехника" награждено дипломом конкурса «Лучшие книги 2021 года»

Издательство "Политехника" награждено дипломом общероссийского профессионального конкурса АСКИ «Лучшие книги 2021 года» за книгу "ТОПИЧЕСКАЯ ДИАГНОСТИКА ЗАБОЛЕВАНИЙ НЕРВНОЙ СИСТЕМЫ. Руководство для
врачей" авторов Скоромец А. А., Скоромец А. П., Скоромец Т. А.

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Две книги издательства "Политехника" вошли в лонг-лист общероссийского профессионального конкурса АСКИ «Лучшие книги 2021 года»:

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Вышла вторая книга А. С. Иванова о конструировании машин – учебное пособие для вузов «Конструирование машин. Развитие основ. Прочность, жесткость, надежность».

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В издательстве готовятся новые тиражи популярных книг, выйдут из печати в декабре 2021 года.
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    "Постройка моделей судов. Энциклопедия судомоделизма"/ О.Курти
    "Трагедия Мясного Бора"/ И.А.Иванова
    "Топическая диагностика заболеваний нервной системы"/ А. А. Скоромец, А. П. Скоромец, Т. А. Скоромец

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Поступил из типографии тираж 2-го издания книги И.А. Ивановой "Погостье". Жаркая зима 1941/42 г.

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Куликов И. В. Функциональная устойчивость сверхбольших интегральных схем: Критерий качества и надёжностиМещеряков С. В., Иванов В. М. Эффективные технологии создания информационных систем

Metalloobrabotka № 1 (121)/2021

Metalloobrabotka № 1 (121)/2021

Цена: 700 Руб.

Metal cutting


Rumyantsev V. R., Kizhnyaev Yu. I. Selection of cutting modes for rough boring of deep holes in shaft parts

The method of selecting the operating parameters for rough boring of deep holes in the shaft parts is considered. As the main initial parameters, the dependences of the chip length and the dynamic coefficient are taken, according to the boundary values of which the value of the cutting speed is determined. The method is implemented by calculating the operating parameters when drilling holes with a diameter of 80–120 mm and a length of 2 and 4 m. The obtained values of the mode parameters have been tested in practice.

Keywords: rough boring, deep holes, cutting modes.

Sedinin I. N., Makarov V. F. Carrying out an experiment of face milling of hardened steel 95X18-Sh and the calculation of effective cutting modes of a given flatness by the graphic-analytical method

To reduce the cost of machining hardened steel, it is proposed to replace grinding with face milling. The paper considers the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the processed material, the main alloy of coated cutting inserts, as well as metal-cutting equipment and tools are selected. A full factorial experiment of face milling was carried out by the method of mathematical planning and a matrix of levels of variation of independent variables was compiled. The flatness of face milling is compared with grinding and the causes of plastic deformation are determined. Statistical analysis by the regression method made it possible to find an adequate mathematical model of flatness during milling, and the correlation analysis revealed the tightness of the relationship between the variables with one- and two-factor influenceon the response function. The hypersurfaces and lines of the levels of functions are projected, which made it possible to determine the optimal and productive cutting conditions graphically and analytically.

Keywords: hardened steel, flatness, face milling, full factorial experiment, mathematical model, correlation, hypersurface, levels lines.



Vasiliev A. A. Dynamics of turning the shafts of steam turbines on hydrostatic bearings with an

incomplete range angle

The stability of a non-rigid rotor shaft on hydrostatic supports with an incomplete range angle during turning under conditions of variable thermophysical properties of the working oil is considered. A comparative analysis of the dynamic coefficients for various variants of the design of the working surface of the liners is carried out. Areas of stable operation of the “shaft-HB” system are determined. A calculation method is proposed for determining the zone of stable operation of a hydrostatic support with an incomplete range angle using the D-splitting method.

Keywords: hydrostatic support, wrap angle, non-rigid rotor shaft, stiffness coefficient, damping coefficient, frequency, static equilibrium.

New materials and technology


Khlopkov E. A., Pomytkin S. P., Lyubomudrov S. A., Makarova T. A., Yanchenko M. V. Deformation behaviour of the TiNi alloy ring-shaped bundle force elements

A study of deformation-force behaviour of 3 pairs ring-shaped bundle force elements of the same mass, made of TiNi 55,16 wt. % wire with diameters of 1; 2 and 2,5 mm has been carried out. For this, these structures were formed from 24,6 and 4 turns, respectively. For the experiments, a special dynamometer was used to study a pair of ring-shaped force elements under thermal cycling. The indicators of displacements caused by the shape memory effect and the created forces, as well as information about the stability of two-way shape memory effect, determine the rational choice of the wire gauge for the fabrication of power elements.

Keywords: shape memory effect, ring-shaped bundle force elements, TiNi, two-way shape memory effect.



Brigadnov I. A., Keksin A. I., Golikov T. S., Maksimov D. D. Technologocal support for machining corrosive aluminum alloys for products of spherical shape

In the presented article, the issue of the implementation of magnetic abrasive processing is considered in order to ensure the quality of surfaces of complex shapes of parts made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys. The implementation was carried out through theoretical and experimental research. In a theoretical study, the features of processing corrosionresistant

aluminum alloys, existing and possible schemes for magnetic-abrasive processing of surfaces of complex geometric shapes, including a combination of various working movements of the workpiece and pole pieces, are considered. In an experimental study, the dependence of the quality of the processed surface (roughness) on the size of the working gap between the workpiece and the working pole was determined. The result of the research is the determination of the optimal treatment schemes for surfaces with a complex geometric shape, as well as the derived exponential dependence of the change in surface roughness on the size of the working gap.

Keywords: magnetic-abrasive finishing, complex profile, working gap, operating parameters.


Pimenov V. A., Reva V. P., Nikiforov P. A. Research of the microwave method in the technological process of drying and firing of ceramic materials

The technology of firing and heating using microwave energy has been used for over 50 years in industry. In order to create import-substituting and export-oriented products, it is necessary to use modern economically profitable types of heat treatment, as well as local ceramic raw materials. Therefore, obtaining a high-quality import-substituting and energyefficient technology for the manufacture of products for various purposes is becoming an urgent issue, which is impossible without the use of modern methods of heat treatment.

Keywords: ceramics, microwave radiation, thermal conductivity, heating, drying, firing, heat treatment.


The organization and production control


Fedotovа A. M., Gasyuk D. P. Risks analysis of technological production preparation quality and development of events to reduce them in conditions of NIIEFA JSC

The article is focused on the procedure for identifying sources of risk, their analysis and proposes methods to reduce them in the process of organizing technological preparation of production. Based on the analysis of production conditions, several

systems for identifying sources of risks to reduce the quality of technological preparation of production have been proposed, proposals for preventing these risks have been developed.

Keywords: risk, risk management, technological preparation of production, high heat flux components, high-tech production, manufacturing, plasma-facing components.


Mironenkov V. B. About the development of a goal-based management system at an enterprise

that provides advanced technical solutions.

The article discusses the methodology for building a goal-based management system in an industrial enterprise. The article explains the relevance of this method for all employees of the enterprise in the face of rapidly changing external factors, shows the reasons for initiating the project, formulates the goal, shows the phased development of the management system for goals, presents the templates and methods used to develop the management system at the enterprise. The material of the article can be useful for specialists of enterprises, researchers, students engaged in the study, development of modern tools for improving management systems.

Keywords: management system, goals, key performance indicators, innovations, labor efficiency, labor productivity.